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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Until auto drivers either get smart or start purchasing liability policies sufficient to cover the serious injuries they are likely to cause motorcyclists, Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers considers it a part of "riding smart" that you consider obtaining high policy uninsured motorist coverage. Practically speaking, if we are to consider what happens to a biker when he is involved in a serious motorcycle accident, he is faced with the devastating consequence of his injury, and then on top of that the substantial medical bill, and often times the loss of his ability to work. The dumb auto drivers who cause the accidents are also generally woefully underinsured to pay for the serious injuries and damages they cause to the motorcyclist. Since auto drivers are both dumb and irresponsible Motorcylists Against Dumb Drivers deems it appropriate that you become educated about uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as a part of "riding smart until auto drivers get smart."

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Generlly speaking, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is insurance coverage which you obtain with your motorcycle insurance policy which will compensate you for the injury and damages YOU sustain in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver. While the coverage may differ from state to state and according to the terms of an insurance policy, generally speaking it pays for the same kinds of losses which would generally be covered by the at fault auto driver's liability policy; however, you can purchase high policy limit coverage to guard against a dumb auto driver who is uninsured or inadequately insured to cover the serious injuries likely to result from an accident with a motorcyclist.

To take an example for the purpose of illustration. If you are seriously injured in an auto accident with an auto driver, the likelihood of which is discussed on other pages of this web site, you should have the right to be compensated for the injuries and damages you sustain. If you are seriously injured, those damages may be both "economic" and "non-economic." Non-economic damages are sometimes referred to as "pain and suffering" but also include what may be the serious limitations you may face in your life following a motorcycle accident. Economic damages include your medical expenses, and future medical expenses, and your loss of earnings and loss of future earning capacity.

If you are involved in a serious injury motorcycle accident caused by another motorist, and the other motorist is uninsured, or has liability insurance insufficient to pay your damages, what uninsured motorist coverage does is to pay the excess of the damages above the auto driver's policy up to the policy limits of your uninsured motorist coverage. Let's take an example: Let's say an auto driver turns in front of you at an intersection, your arm is broken in a dozen places and you won't be able to work as a motorcycle mechanic again. Lets say the auto driver has a 15/30 policy, so his insurer is on the line to you for $15,000. You have a motorcycle insurance policy with $500,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In this scenario the auto drivers insurance company should pay the first $15,000 and your insurance company should pay the next $485,000.

Why Does Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers Recommend That You Consider Obtaining High Limit UM Coverage.

Because our streets are populated by dumb auto drivers and because these dumb auto drivers commonly obtain woefully inadequate liability policies to cover the damages that they are likely to cause to motorcyclists as the result of their idiotic antics.

It is just the fact that specifically because of the stupidity of ignorant auto drivers, as discussed more completely on other pages of this web site, motorcyclists have a good chance of getting into a serious motorcycle accident at some point in their riding careers. There isn't an "old timer" who hasn't been in an accident caused by the stupidity of an auto driver. Ask the next grey haired, road hardened biker you meet. And unfortunately, when a motorcyclist gets into an accident, more commonly than not he will suffer serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries. It is the product of (1)the motorcyclists riding environment, characterized by auto drivers who don't look out for us, who pull out from side streets or turn left in front of us at intersections, hence the increased likelihood of motorcycle accidents, combined with (2) our vulnerability to being seriously injured in an accident by reason of the fact that we don't have a lot of metal surrounding us, seat belts, air bags and other injury protection engineering, and then (3) the fact that auto drivers generally carry woefully insufficient liability coverage to pay for motorcyclist injuries and damages, that leads Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers to suggest that you consider UM coverage.

Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers Recommends That You Speak With Your Insurance Agent About UM Coverage

The foregoing are general statements about UM coverage and it is possible that the laws of some states may impact upon the nature and extent or other qualities of UM coverage. The foregoing discussion is not legal advice; and indeed, it is not intended as specific advice with regard to any individual bikers insurance needs. Your insurance broker should be able to specifically advise you with regard to the specifics of UM coverage available in your state, and would be in the best position to analyze your specific insurance needs. As a matter of policy, Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers also takes no position on the relative merits of particular insurance policies or the companies offering motorcycle coverage. We simply feel that this is a sufficiently important subject related to the issues raised by this web site and about which bikers might not be adequately informed, to suggest that you become informed, and then make informed decisions.

Ride Safe, friends - We care about you.

And when we say "Ride Safe" that is not just a way of saying "good bye." We mean it. Consult the "Ride Smart Until Dumb Auto Drivers Get Smart" page of this web site to consider specific motorcycle safety tips to reduce the likelihood that you will find yourself wrapped around an ignorant auto driver's bumper. And then write to your Governor to demand the cure for auto driver ignorance. Consider the Bikers Rights Form Letter urging mandatory driver education on motorcycle safety issues and motorcycle accident avoidance strategies. Writing Your Governor is made easy, consult the "Your Governor's E-Mail Address" page of this web site.

Lets get mad and do something about motorcycle riding safety.

Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers.

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