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Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers Calls On All Bikers To Report Auto Driver Road Rage

Headlight: Massachusets Motorcyclists, Please Help Locate Car Involved in Auto Driver vs. Motorcycle Road Rage Incident. Scroll Down to See How You Can Help.

Motorcyclists are at much greater risk of serious injury and death from road rage incidents, and we are too often the target of auto driver rage. It would take a shrink to figure out what runs though the head of an auto driver who would intentionally run a biker off the road. But just in general terms, ignorant humans seem to have the capacity to see others who "different" from them as the "enemy." It may also be that auto drivers feel "empowered," by their greater "muscle," their multi-thousand pound weapons, and perhaps a sense of their own safety in wielding their weapons without danger that the biker can respond in kind. It is the irony that what auto drivers may perceive as their strength is merely the measure of their cowardice as they use their cars to attack the vulnerable biker.

If you were the object of auto driver road rage while riding your bike, please report it to the police. You may also report it to Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers and we will keep a list of incidents which may be useful in future efforts to bring this problem to the attention of our state Governors. We feel that auto driver vs. biker road rage is within the mission of Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers, to enhance motorcyclist safety. At least one aspect of auto driver road rage is fueled by auto driver "ignorance." It may be simple ignorance, as where the California auto driver doesn't realize that it is legal in the state to "split lanes," or it may be the kind of ignorance that traditionally fuels prejudice of all types. Whatever the psychiatric pathology in the particular instance, road rage against bikers must prosecuted aggressively.

Massachusetts Road Rage Incident - Please Help Find the Involved Car.

In another example of road rage, it was recently reported in the Boston Globe that an enforcement officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce was arrested for driving his car into a motorcyclist in a road rage incident. Apparently the car used as the weapon of this perpetrator's rage is "missing," and it could be important evidence in the prosecution of the perpetrator. Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers has been asked to help get the word out to Massachusetts bikers to keep an eye out for the car. It is identified as a 2004 Nissan Maxima, registration number 72AT24.

Please read on for more information about the road rage incident, as reported in the Boston Herald, and as provided to Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers by MMA, CMRA and Long Distance Riders.

Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers Requests That All Massachusetts Riders Keep An Eye Out for a 2004 Nissan Maxima, Registration Number 72AT24. The Car Was Involved in a Road Rage Incident In Which a Massechusetts Biker Was Seriously Injured. If you See This Car, Contact the Boston Police, or Dial 800-494 TIPS

The following request for assistance in locating the vehicle involved in the recent Massachusetts road rage incident was directed to M-A-D-D by Dave Condon of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, by Stephanie Snair-Trother of CMRA of the Central Motorcycle Racing Association, by Bruce Arnold of Long Distance Rider, and at the request of MMA, the Modified Motorcycle Association.

Request for Assistance in Locating Car involved in Boston Road Rage Incident

There is a very good follow up story in today's Boston Herald. It is in a column written by Peter Gelzins it is not available on line. The biker that was hit has more than just a couple of broken legs. He is in real bad shape. Maybe the biker community can help law enforcement officials locate this mysterious silver 2004 Nissan Maxima Registration Number 72AT24. I think its time for another roar this time to help one of our brothers and his family. I don't know why the major TV networks aren't picking up this story. Is it because the victim is a biker or is there a cover up going on?? I don't understand it, a member of a "outlaw gang" punches a cop in the face and it's front page and lead off stories on the News for a week and this isn't?????? Let's make a little noise about this!!!!


Federal agent booked in hit-and-run road rage crash
By Laurel J. Sweet
Thursday, April 6, 2006

An enforcement officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce is facing
attempted murder charges in connection with a hit-and-run road rage incident
in South Boston that left a motorcyclist critically injured, police say.

Thomas Porro, 34, of South Boston, who was arrested Tuesday after police
called him in to talk, pleaded not guilty yesterday in the South Boston
division of Boston Municipal Court. He has been released on $10,000 cash

But the silver 2004 Nissan Maxima authorities say Porro was driving when
he allegedly ran Frank Merlonghi and his 2003 Harley-Davidson off Summer
Street and into a center island the evening of March 29 has gone missing.

"The car that we are searching for is believed to be an official
government vehicle," said David Procopio, spokesman for Suffolk District
Attorney Daniel Conley. "To date (Porro) has not provided accurate
information as to the car's location."

Procopio said Boston police also are checking into witness accounts that
Porro threatened Merlonghi, 45, also of South Boston, with a handgun during
a moving argument that led to Merlonghi being hospitalized with twofractured legs and several busted ribs.

"We are investigating whether he flashed a gun at the victim," Procopio
said, "and if so, if it was his government-issued weapon."

Road Rage Hits Home - Pursuing Auto Drivers Who Intentionally Injure or Kill Bikers

Dear Adrienne, Bruce and Don,

In response to your requiest, I will put up a request on Motorcyclists-Against-Dumb-Drivers asking for any information which might lead to the location of the silver 2004 Nissan Maxima, registration number 72AT24.

Coincidentally, several months ago I appeared at a motorcycle shop to be interviewed in connection with a cable motorcycle mechanic show, "The Sensitive Mechanic." (My function was to provide information about the importance to bikers of obtaining high policy limit uninsured - underinsured motorist coverage, as discussed on one of the pages of the M-A-D-D web site.)

The producer didn't show up, and while I was hanging around the shop, shooting the shit with the mechanics, we got the call that he was in UCLA General Hospital, the victim of "road rage."

He is a former professional boxer, and an avid biker, in addition to an event promoter and television producer.

He was riding up Sunset Boulevard, the same Sunset Boulevard of fame, but further down, through the Brentwood residential area, and split lanes at a red light to move to the front of the line. (In California it is legal to "split" or "share" lanes, a fact about which, unfortunately, a good percentage of our state auto drivers are unfortunately "ignorant.") A driver of one of the cars in the front of one of the lanes took issue with our biker's having moved to the front of the line. He took off after him, pulled in front of him and tried to run him off the road. The biker managed to get around him and then in front of some other cars so that he would not be in harms way, but the car driver pulled into the oppossing lanes of traffic passing the cars to catch up to him. The biker pulled ahead again, this time even further ahead, and turned onto a side street to hide from the car driver. It appeared to work as the car driver sped further up Sunset, passed the side street. But then the biker heard a screech, where apparently the car driver, having seen the biker on the side street, made a U-turn on Sunset to return to the side street.

The car driver then whipped onto the side street, pulled up to the biker, got out of his car, came up to the biker and threw a punch. The biker, having taken a number of punches in his professional boxing carreer, didn't let it phase him. Instead, he said calmly, "I'm required by New York State law to tell you this 3 times, I'm a boxer, I'm a boxer, I'm a boxer."

At that point the car driver got back in his car, drove it over our friend's Harley, which would have been bad enough. But then he chased the biker, now on foot, down the street as he was running away from the car, hit him from behnd, throwing him over the car, where he landed, hitting his head on the pavement.

The car driver then took off, and witnesses called an ambulance and the police.

A couple of weeks later the mechanics and this biker-producer asked me to meet them at a bar near the mechanics shop. He filled in some more facts about the incident, including that the police had interviewed a number of witnesses and had actually congratulated him on his "restraint" during the artercation, not having met the auto driver's punch with a counter-punch. Apparently one of the witnesses got a partial plate and the polce identified the probable perpetrator, who was then identified from a photo line up. He had a long criminal history and a number of aliases, and the police said they were having trouble finding him.

He wanted me to help him, and I told him I would do my best. I told him to e-mail me with some additional information, including the name of the investigating police officer. As I was doing this, sitting at the bar, I noticed that he was taking copious notes which he was putting into his cell phone. I asked him why, and he said that since the incident he didn't have a short term memory, that he had to write down everything so that he could look at his notes the next day and remember what he had done the previous day. This was the result of the brain damage he'd suffered from hitting his head after being thrown over the car, and it is a devastating injury. Our hope is that his short term memory problems will abate with time, but so far he still must deal with this devastating effect of his brain injury.

In speaking with the police I was able to obtain the name of the perpetrator, but I was also was informed that the police had no clue where he might be, the perp didn't have a drivers license, and the car, apparently, did not have a current registration. The likelihood was that the perpetrator also was therefore uninsured, and probably impecunious, as appeared also to be true from the asset checks which we performed.

Under these circumstances, the likelihood of obtaining meaningful compensation from the perpetrator for the devastating injuries suffered by this biker was extremely unlikely. But it was important for us to follow through as far as we could for this fellow biker, and I felt that this was also an important "biker political case," to demonstrate, if we could, that serious consequences would befall those who intentionally attack motorcyclists, particularly as the police have not seen it as a priority to follow through.

Through our investigation we were able to find some previous employers of the perpetrator and track down his last known address. We served him with a civil complaint, which he did not "answer," suggesting to us that he had "skipped" rather than face the music. We have a hearing set to take his "default judgment," where we hope to obtain a substantial money judgment against him, which is all we can do as trial lawyers. We are having our client see neurological specialists to verify and substantiate the full extent of his brain injury, and we will be presenting this evidence at the default hearing. Our hope is that we will obtain a substantial judgment against this perpetrator. But then the question will be whether we will ever be able to "execute" the judgment against any income or assets the perpetrator may ultimately obtain. All we can do is try to track this guy over time, using his real name, his known aliases, and periodic investigation and asset checks. If we can track him, and find that he is employed from time to time, then we can follow through with "garnishment" actions to compel his future employers to pay a percentage of his wages to pay the judgment. If he ever obtains any assets, bank accounts, or real estate (either by employment or his criminal activities), we can "attach" and these assets and obtain court orders that they be turned over in payment of the judgment against him. We can follow him to his grave, to the extent that we can track him, but I fear that the likelihood is that we may not be able to obtain much in the way of compensation for this client. It is what is referred to among trial lawyers as "water from a rock." This defendant is not a "tomato" which we can squeeze and obtain a fair amount of "juice." He appears to be of the dryest category of rock, from whom it may just be impossible ultimately to squeeze even a drop of "water."

We are doing this also in the interest attempting to obtain some punitive justice, to the limited extent that we may be able to impose some measure of misery on this auto driver who attacked one of our brothers.

In the case which is described by Adriene Snair-Trothier and reported in the Boston Herald, apparently the police have their perpetrator, apparently one of their own. If our assumptions are correct, from reading the Boston Hearld article, it appears that he may have sought to obscure his culpability by hiding or disposing of the car he used in his attack upon the biker. I assume that the police have accumulated other evidence, but certainly Ms. Snair-Trotheir's objective is good one, to make our fellow Massachusetts bikers aware of the search for this car, as our community might well be able to put many thousand more eyes out to search for this critical piece of evidence.

For our part we will put up a page at to aks that any information as to the location or disposition of this car be directed to the Boston police. Hopefully the Boston police will be more responsive than our Los Angeles police in the case of our client. In fairness, the Boston police have their perpetrator in hand, know him well, and he isn't on the run as is ours.

I think the case is very important. Hopefully as one outcome it will raise the public's appreciation for the vulnerability of motorcyclists, and the importance of reeling in road rage particularly when it might endanger a biker.
Ray Henke

Please Advise Motorcyclists-Against- Dumb-Drivers of Additional Rode Rage Incidents - And Please Watch Out for the Out of Control Auto Driver.

FRIDAY, April 14, 2006, 1:49 p.m. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Girl arrested after motorcycle officer hit

A 14-year-old girl was arrested after she allegedly tried to run over a Milwaukee police officer, a department spokeswoman said today.

The girl was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide of a police officer, said Anne E. Schwartz.

Schwartz gave this account:

At 4:55 p.m. Thursday, officers heard a car collision in the 2500 block of N. 38th St. A motorcycle officer arrived and found the girl alone driving a Toyota that had smashed into an SUV. The girl backed up into a fence and then drove at the officer, hitting him, and then she ran over the motorcycle.

The officer, 30, a five-year veteran, was treated and released from a local hospital, Schwartz said. His name was not released.

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